My Canada includes smoked meat! (mindme) wrote in canadian_film,
My Canada includes smoked meat!

Why don't Canadians generally see Canadian movies?

Korean films go head to head with Hollywood imports and most years domestic films out gross Hollywood imports. Canadian films... well. We know what becomes of them. I found it curious back during the Gulf war that Canadians were quite vocal about boycotting Starbucks and other big American companies but no one thought to boycott, say, the Matrix II premier. Matrix = Time/Warner = CNN = America can't go to war without the tacit approval of TV news.

"What not go see the latest Hollywood block buster? Let the Iraqi fry!"

It took a couple decades but these days Canadian tend to patronize Canadian bands over foreign bands. The same can't be said yet of Canadian movies, although Quebecers probably do patronize their movies to a greater extent. French Canadian cinema seems to produce a lot of great works every year yet English cinema we're pretty much stuck with "Goin' down the Road" as being high point of English Canadian cinema.

Part of the problem is the porous nature of the border. Good English Canadian directors/writers/actors can easily follow the money to Hollywood. French Canadian talent can't make the transition because of the language barrier. Add in that I think French Canada supports their film industry to a far greater extent.

Anyway, just some random thoughts for discussion.
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