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Scared Sacred opens Friday night in Vancouver

At Tinseltown Theatre

The critics confirm this is a must see film! Special screening with filmmaker and other guests planned for opening weekend ….

Vancouver filmmaker Velcrow Ripper takes audiences on a visually stunning journey to Earth’s ‘Ground Zeros’ searching for hope and meaning in times of turmoil. Opening weekend will feature a Ground Zero Awareness Campaign with guest speakers such as Vancouver City Councillor Jim Green and writer Joy Kogawa, performances by Poets Against War, along with organizations and the filmmaker attending. The campaign will focus on the Ground Zeros visited in the film: the minefields of Cambodia, the toxic wasteland of Bhopal, war-torn Afghanistan, post 9/11 New York and Israel and Palestine.

(the above is taken from the First Weekend Club website, at )

(the below is from me)

I love opening nights. Turns an ordinary night at the movies into a real night out! I hope I can make it...
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