film_filles (film_filles) wrote in canadian_film,

stated interest: films...but questions involving LJ

Ok, you people seem so damn friendly. So I'm risking something here...but just so I don't get kicked off, may I mention that the film "Deluxe Combo Platter" opens in Vancouver on Friday and I'll be seeing it at a pre-screening on Wednesday, so can give you a head's up about wether to part with your hard-earned money or not. Until then, I have a question:

What's the difference between "Friend" and "Also Friend of" on LJ? And is there an effecient way to cross-post messages? And just HOW do I do those fancy things that I see other people doing like making a hot-link of their friend's name or a poll they took or things like that, right in the body of the message?

Oh powerful moderator, I promise to take you to a Canadian film for free if you'll just allow people to help me figure this stuff out...

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